„Everything comes from inside, the brush I choose, the techniques, the colors, everything I create is being created by my intuition and by my feelings. I kind of follow an inner road. For me art always means communication. While you are looking at one of my works you are creating a piece of art by yourself.

1981 M.A. at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Ethnology.
1981-1983 Educational stay in California, USA.
1983-1984 stay in Bagdad, Irak.
since 1984 lives in Munich.
1986-1990 Studies of Drawing, Painting, Theory of Art, History of Art in different private schools in Munich.
since 1991 Free–lanced painter.
since 2001 Member of BBK-Germany, Association of Art.
since 2004 Member of International Association of Art (IGBK).


TEMPRA MUSEUM for Contemporary Art Collection in Mgarr, Malta

2011 Special Distinction Award, Biennial Malta, „Serbian Roots“.
2007 Special Distinction Award, Malta International Art Biennale.
2005 Malta Biennial: 3. Prize in painting.
2003 Malta International (105 Countries) Art Biennial, Special Distinction Award.

2020 Aufstehen / BBK-Mitglieder stellen aus, Galerie der Künstler (www.bbk-muc-obb.de).
2019 „Books & Art“, Gallery KA20, Munich (group exhibition).
2018 Exhibition of selected works, Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich.
2017 „Winter Solstice“, Exhibition in Art goes Underground, Munich.
2016 Art auction in „Hofbräuhaus“, Munich.
2015 Art auction, Art goes Underground, Munich.
2015 “Munich Originals“, Art goes Underground/ArtEvent Munich
2015 “The Magic of the View“, solo exhibition in Town House, Neufahrn
2015 Exhibition at BMW Welt Jazz Award 2015, Munich
2014 „Anamorphoses“, solo exhibition in Town House, Garching
2014 Art-Workshop „Fantasyland“, MS „Loveboat“ Germany
2014 „Bavaria“ – Positions, Art goes Underground, Munich
2014 „Lucky“, solo exhibition in Grünwald near Munich
2013 „reset. Do more of what makes you happy!“, solo exhibition in Art goes Underground, Munich
2012 „Tiefenrausch“, solo exhibition in Art goes Underground, Munich
2011 „Have A Nice Day“, Mainz
2011 „Angel for Ida“, solo Exhibition, Belgrade
2010 „Colour your Mind“, Solo exhibition in Le Meridien Munich
2009 „Quasi una fantasia“, Erding „La Padella“
2009 „In another country“, solo exhibition in Taufkirchen
2009 „Myart@Belgrade“, solo exhibition in Gallery Progres, Belgrade
2008 „Step Into My Shoes“, solo exhibition in Bavarian state school for physically handicapped, Munich
2008 „Freckles“: Exhibition in Neufahrn
2008 „Mai & More“, solo exhibition in Villa „Bertha“, Freising
2007 „id ego superego“, Gallery KA20, Munich
2007 „pARTEzipazione„ „Da Fabio“, Erding
2007 Participation at „Mai Exhibition“, Belgrade
2007 „Brainstorming'“, Participation in the International Exhibition „Wide Path“, Belgrade
2006 „Art of Seduction“, Gallery KA20, Munich
2006 „Construction Site Lenbach“, Art Pavilion in Old Botanic Garden. Portraits of the artist Franz von Lenbach
2005 „Inshallah“, solo exhibition in Gallery KA20, Munich
2004 „Flight 2 the Fantasies“, solo exhibition, Orangery in Englisch Garden Munich.
2004 Museo Tempra-Palma di Montechiaro Sicily-ITALY
2004 Gallery of Artists, Munich
2003 „Night cafe“ Munich solo exhibition in „Inspiration Biennial Venice“
2003 Gallery Eichenwand presents: Malta Biennial 2003, Düsseldorf
2003 „Sketchbooks“ , Internet-exibition
2002 „Flight To The Fantasies“, solo exhibition, Galerie KA20, Munich
2001 Artist Gallery, Munich
2001 „Signs and Organisms“: Art forum Arabellapark. „Young women artists „, Munich
2001 „Sights“: solo exhibition, Gallery for Gourmets in „Bründlhof“, Wartenberg / Landshut
2001 „Sand Bodies“, Internet-exhibition
2001 Current works in ArabellaSheraton Airport Munich
2001 Exhibition in serono, Unterschleißheim by Munich
2000 Jewelry & Art Trendzone, Freising
2000 Art design Galerie, solo exhibition, Freising
1999 annual exhibition, Art association Freisinger Mohr, Freising
1998 annual exhibition, Art association Freisinger Mohr, Freising
1996 Casa da Cultura de Poços des Caldas, Brazil
1995 „Connotations“, solo exhibition, Bavarian state school for physically handicapped, Munich
1995 „Erotic Sheets“, Gallery Elitzer, Saarbrücken
1995 Gallery Dobler, Essen
1995 Painting Circle, Town House, Eching
1994 Painting Circle, Town House, Eching
1994 Exhibition in Vignamaggio, Italy
1993 Community College, Freising
1993 Painting Circle, Town House, Eching
1992 Painting Circle, Town House, Eching
1992 Participation in „Women´s week, Neufahrn
1992 „The painter and his model „, Augsburg
1991 „In reality I am passionate“, Urban library, Munich
1990 „Space – Objects“, Painting school at „Glockenbach“, Munich